Evos™ by Landscape Structures

Kids simply can’t resist the “gyroscopic” Evos™ playsystem, with a design that’s so unique, it’s patent pending worldwide. Built to engage children of all ages, including the 12-plus set, this innovative playsystem is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get kids off the couch and back to the playground.

Evos playstructures offer almost endless physical, mental and creative challenges. Kids love deciding how to play on equipment they’ve never seen before. They can’t get enough of the suspended play events and bouncy Corocord® climbing cables, which build upper-body strength and core strength as kids balance and counterbalance their bodies against the forces of gravity.

Imaginations get a workout, too, as kids navigate a playstructure with no prescribed entry or exit points, and where every inch welcomes exploration.

Highly configurable, there are 28 versatile Evos components to choose from, and more on the way. Great for phased projects: Start with four arches and a few of your favorite Evos components, and add from there.

Evos now has a companion for kids ages 2 to 5 called Weevos™. Evos and Weevos together offer age-appropriate challenges that flex kids’ muscles and stretch their imaginations.

With a unique circular footprint, Evos easily fits into most site shapes and sizes.

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