Imagine stepping up to a musical instrument you have never played before and being able to make beautiful, rhythmic and melodic music right away, even if you have never played a musical instrument before. Now imagine the wonder of that experience through the eyes (and ears) of a child.

We witness this time and again as children of all ages are drawn, almost magnetically, to the Freenotes instruments.

Freenotes instruments captivate attention and are easy to play. Whether you are two or 82, the experience offers a creative and sensory play experience for all. They are exciting visually and are built to withstand the rigorous play of children and the elements of nature. Above all, the tones are pure, soothing and acoustically perfect, even when multiple instruments are played at once.

Freenotes instruments enable children to discover confident self-expression that is accessible and enriching. Foster their creativity and the positive returns are boundless.