Through its relationship with Landscape Structures Inc., Dyna-Play is an authorized dealer of the new HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness System.

HealthBeat brings the best of the gym to the great outdoors. Perfect for parks, trails or next to your playground, HealthBeat uses the latest exercise methodologies to provide a tailored workout for teens and adults of all fitness levels. And its sleek, intuitive design complements any natural setting.

Nine state-of-the-art stations make it easy to create an outdoor fitness environment to meet your unique needs. The HealthBeat System features Landscape Structures’ industry-leading quality, durability and value. Sturdy steel construction for years of low-maintenance, and effective use.

Each of the nine stations focus on a different technique or muscle group, so users will be assured a balanced workout. Create a cluster of the stations to offer a circuit-training experience. Locate stations along a trail to allow walkers and joggers the chance to cross-train, burning more calories and increasing cardiovascular capacity. Or place several stations beside a playground, allowing parents to exercise while keeping an eye on their kids.

Lafreniere Park, Kenner, LA

Lafreniere Park, Kenner, LA